Videos and Links

Yep.. pretty self explanatory. Videos and Links…

I hope to post a weekly video or tip that will help you and your game. It could be a highlight from an event or technique from a pro.

My intention is to gather the great support of our disc golf community and show the world what Central Texas has to offer.

If you have a great video and want to post it, let me know. I want my blog to be here for everyone. Just like bloggers write for sites, you great videographers can get your stuff posted here and maybe my readers can get you the recognition you deserve.

I will post links, videos, and other collected resources. Keep your stuff PG rated and Pro styled all the way!

1 Response to Videos and Links

  1. disctroy says:

    The Austin Deaf Disc Golf Club are some of the great folks that make Austin so diverse in the Disc Golf Community. Great players and stewards of the sport that make it a “main stream” sport for ALL of the kids, adults, and families. It’s always fun to play a round with them and they do their best to sponsor and support many events in the community.
    Check out their video.

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