Zilker Park


GPS Coordinates: LAT/LON  30.266900,-97.775766

Street Address:
2201 Barton Springs Rd  Austin, TX 78746

Zilker Park is iconic disc golf in Austin, Texas with the city skyline watching your every throw. The park itself holds numerous events and attractions year-round for visitors and residents. You can find kite festivals, music festivals, picnics under the trees, or holiday lights during December. The park holds many things for many people.

The disc golf course is an easy to navigate course that is mostly flat terrain with minor elevation changes. Most disc golf shots are open and easily recoverable if you should not land where you would like to be.

The tee pads are all concrete, there are benches in place, a few trash can on the course, and one set of male/female toilets across the street from  Tee Pad #7.

The park can get very crowded with a mixed blend of players from all skill levels. Novice and beginning players can truly get a simple introduction to the sport here, while Pro’s can find great opportunities to challenge their peers for the best score below par.

Please note that this is a City of Austin Park, so leash laws, no smoking laws, alcohol ordinances, and other items are in place. The park police and maintenance crews do patrol the areas often. In the Spring/Summer months there is a required entry fee according to the City guidelines (i.e. disabled Veteran plates are exempt, etc.) [no fees are applied during Fall/Winter months unless it is a special event, etc.]

There are two locations for parking, one by the Polo Picnic Tables, and one by the Tee Pad #1 kiosk. Note that the direction of travel through the park by the disc golf course is a one-way direction, if you pass your desired parking location you will need to complete the loop once more. (please do not go against traffic, not just because of the law, but for the pedestrians and children that are crossing the road in so many locations)


1 Response to Zilker Park

  1. disctroy says:

    Currently the course is open to 9 holes during renovations. As soon as the 9 holes are completed the opposite 9 holes will be closed (while the others are opened). This was a better solution during the park improvement project vs. closing the entire course. The City of Austin and Watershed group hope to have the entire course completed by Winter 2014.

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