Course Updates

Here I will list local courses and provide their current conditions or updates on them. I hope to provide you a general consensus of expectations and descriptions for the courses.

Descriptions and ability levels described will always be subjective to the way you judge your own playing level. These descriptions and understandings are not intended to offend the course developers, designers, and creators.

Your own experience level of play is your own interpretation. You are the best judge, so use my many years of experience as one perspective that may assist you.

The information provided is based upon my own personal experience combined with the experience provided by other disc golfers. Your comments are always welcome.

Please consider updating the courses when you feel necessary so that other players will know what to expect. (open, closed, construction, maintenance needed, etc.)

This is a community page and we all want to have the best information available to us and to help our disc golf community.

Here is a map of the region. With as many courses as we have, my goal is to list them in respective zones for the ease of locating them.

Austin Region Map

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