About the DiscTroy Blog

If you are familiar with the sport of “Disc Golf” and if you have played any of the courses around Texas, then you know that Austin, Texas is THE Capital of Disc Golf.  If you are not, well, simply ask around and you will start to learn how awesome the sport is and how many play it around here.

The Austin city limits has nearly 30 courses in its immediate area and even more just outside of the cities county lines. We are a mecca that offers courses for all experience levels and they are an ease to access. My goal is to support this culture and all it has to offer for it’s players new and old.


This blog is intended to be an ever evolving site and creation that will highlight the activities and events around disc golf in Central Texas. I am not a professional writer, nor blog publisher, but I will always do my best to have verified information and a good layout for visitors to enjoy. [always learning and always work in progress]

  My goal is provide information and insight that can be used by many readers and visitors that come here. Contrary to some beliefs, not everyone is on social media sites these days and not everyone knows all of the social media pages to follow, so with this I decided that I would do my best to provide readers what I can.

  The internet social media world can be overwhelming and I simply want you and others to have a “one-stop shop” location to get your information and move on to what you need. There is a lot of internet out there and I just want to make your visit enjoyable.


Whether you are new or you are old to the sport of “Disc Golf”, I would hope that you would be comfortable here and enjoy the community and information. There will be informational articles, tutorials, national news, local news, interview pieces, and maybe some technical equipment reviews or industry insights. As noted, I want to focus it on Central Texas, but our disc golf fairways can reach pretty far and include many players, so we will see how it goes…


To help me in my journey of supporting the Central Texas disc golf community, I look towards you.

YOU are the reader, and YOU are the player, and YOU know what’s going on. If you have an event coming up, let me know and I can put it on my schedule. If you have a schedule change for your event or an update, let me know and I can put it on my calendar; after all, if you are looking at increasing participation. I can be that tool to help you become successful. So lets work together. Contact me as needed: disctroy@gmail.com


Overall, thank you for your support and lets show everyone why Central Texas is home to the Capital of Disc Golf and awesome Austin, Texas.

So keep your drives long, your approaches in the fairways, and your putts landing solid, but most of all (as I always say) “Play it Forward” and lets have a great day.


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