Who Is DiscTroy?

I am a proud disabled veteran and former paratrooper that traveled the world while  experiencing an amazing life and meeting people that I will never forget. Upon my medical retirement I found disc golf and used the passion of this great sport to help me once again find new things to discover in life and the people that are all around us.

I am an active member of the Austin, Texas disc golf community and active board member of the great Waterloo Disc Golf Club based in Austin, Texas. I help promote the sport, grow the sport, and assist with all efforts I can to help improve our courses and park systems for the sport in the community.

In my time I have been proud to meet all of the best people in the world that play disc golf. I have sponsored tournaments, directed tournaments, staffed tournaments, competed in tournaments (A/B/C/X Tiers), and performed at every level where disc golf and charities meet.

I am an all around photo enthusiast with something a little more than “basic” photography skills. My photographs have been published in “Disc Golfer” magazine, Yahoo News, and other local media publications and websites. Additionally, I have been interviewed and published for Austin Man Magazine, Austin Monthly, and a few other local Austin publications. All these actions were with the intent to spread our sport to a wider audience and educate those not knowing what the sport is all about.

As with any disc golf lifestyle, I enjoy spending time with my family, volunteering for the community, volunteering/attending my church, and simply promoting things that I enjoy.

Photographic Notes For My Blog:
I enjoy taking pictures and recording moments whenever I can. Should you wish to use my images: PLEASE contact me as a Professional Courtesy, I would like to know where/how they would be used.

In most situations using copyrighted images, it should not be an issue and I would be honored that you have requested to use them. Please remember all images on this blog are copyright protected by myself or the accredited source of the image. Please respect our work and simply communicate with me about sharing the images and content.

Thank you and remember, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” [George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950]

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