Dynamic Discs Helps You Follow Your Discs For An Amazing “Experience”

Disc golf can take you many places and you can follow your disc where ever it may go. The sport of disc golf can take you to parks and places you may never have seen even in your own neighborhood, town, or city. Disc golf can even take you on a journey around the world where you can’t speak the language, but through the ability to throw a disc, it simply translates everything you need without hesitation.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it can take you to phenomenal places of engineering achievement and world class recognition like the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas for the Dynamic DiscsDisc Golf Experience.”

The "Experience" Players Package

The “Experience” Players Package

Champion Eric McCabe with John Gold preparing players packs

World Champion Eric McCabe (L) with John Gold (R) preparing players packs


Normally for those who go to the AT&T Stadium they go as a spectator, but that all changed for many in a simple moment of amazement.
On the great day July 12, 2014 a great advancement and recognition for disc golf occurred. Disc golf would not be a spectator here, but it would be the main event showcasing the performances of a lifetime by many players. These performances would allow disc golfers that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play at such a prestigious location and world class venue known as AT&T Stadium (aka “Cowboys Stadium” for the NFL Team that is homed here).

The view as you walk onto the field.

The view as you walk onto the field.

No matter what playing experience you may have had as a disc golfer, Professional or Amateur, walking through these corridors and being dwarfed by the dizzying size of the stadium overhead, with 80,000 seats around you and feeling the turf under your feet; you felt that surge of pride that YOU were playing for a sport that you love and you were not the spectator this time.

There were 550 players in attendance, 250 spectators and families, and the biggest witness I saw were the hundreds of non-disc golf players that actually watched the sport on display. These were the staff of the AT&T center and the many visitors that were taking tours of the stadium, visiting the Dallas Cowboys “Pro Shop,” those there for photo opportunities, and those that were there curiously trying to see what all of the tailgating, music, and activities on this day were all about.

This great event may not be the “Rose Bowl event of 1978” that many know of in the history of disc sports, but it is a great step in the direction to grow the sport of disc golf.

No matter what your sponsor or preferred disc manufacturer may be, you have to provide some great credit to Dynamic Discs Jeremy Rusco and his dedicated staff, teams, and volunteers for making the event a “Hole-In-One” Ace by getting this great opportunity and compounding it into a true “experience.”

A disc can bring you anywhere you throw it, but I never thought that it would bring me to a world famous professional sports and events stadium where I could be one of the first to put it on display in front of hundreds of players, spectators, and those who would have never known of our sport before.

The "Experience" Course Layout

The “Experience” Course Layout

The day was completely filled with smiles, awe, and the passionate sound of hitting chains accompanied by the the great confirmation of cheers from the crowd.
Around the stadium and on the field, players hit Aces that earned high fives and big accolades. Some had near Aces and the happy groans (like myself on the 50 yard line) that sometimes followed a statement of “if my throw would have been … it would have stayed in.” These were all individual things that make us so addicted to the sport and bring us back for more.
These great moments from the Dynamic Discs “Disc Golf Experience” showed everyone in attendance and everyone who played, that our sport is based in the true wholesome competitive fun we provide ourselves and that we never outgrew it.

Hole #10 Tee Box View. 300ft+ throw to the star on the 50 yard line, with a "mando" between the uprights.

Hole #10 Tee Box View. 265ft+ throw to the star on the 50 yard line, with a “mando” between the uprights.

We always strive to “grow the sport” in local media, social media, outreach, and through everyday sportsmanship of play, but on this day of “where a disc can take you”… Dynamic Discs grew it more than I think they even considered or what they could have imagined.

So, follow your discs and the spirit of our sport where ever they may take you, after all, you may never get the chance again to throw in a world famous professional sports and events stadium like the AT&T Stadium again, but if you were there, you can always look back on that day as a modern “Rose Bowl of 1978” and know that the Dynamic Discs “Disc Golf Experience” showed that Disc Golf was the superstar that everyone came to see on July 12, 2014.

Play It Forward. Grow The Sport.


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Disc Golfer, Blogger, Writer, Photographer, Foodie, Blessed... We don't stop playing because we get old; We get old because we stop playing.... Troy is a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association who currently lives in Austin, TX. He is a Board Member of the Austin-based Waterloo Disc Golf Club, has been playing disc golf over 14 years competitively and non-competitively, in local and national events. He has been published in Disc Golfer magazine and Yahoo News.He volunteers regularly to promote disc golf, clean parks and help build new ones. It is his simple motto to "Play It Forward"... after all, you can never frown when you play Frisbee or throw a Disc.
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