IT SLICES. IT DICES. …It makes julienne mulch piles – Video Of The Day

Course designers always need tools, after all you can never have enough of them, but what if you had the DENIS CIMAF – DAH Excavator Mulcher?

Excavator Mulcher

Tools like this could help clean up and install a course in a short amount of time when the conditions permit it.

Here’s your video of the day: Excavator Mulcher in Action

Not impressed? Well here are many other videos <HERE>that may provide you what you need.

Sometimes as a course designer or master of machines, you just have to love the symphony of destruction that engineered technology can perform to assist you in your needs.
Just remember to always Design and Mulch responsibly.



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Disc Golfer, Blogger, Writer, Photographer, Foodie, Blessed... We don't stop playing because we get old; We get old because we stop playing.... Troy is a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association who currently lives in Austin, TX. He is a Board Member of the Austin-based Waterloo Disc Golf Club, has been playing disc golf over 14 years competitively and non-competitively, in local and national events. He has been published in Disc Golfer magazine and Yahoo News.He volunteers regularly to promote disc golf, clean parks and help build new ones. It is his simple motto to "Play It Forward"... after all, you can never frown when you play Frisbee or throw a Disc.
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