E.D.G.E. Installs New Course at Cedar Park Middle School

It started with a request, a grant from E.D.G.E. (Educational Disc Golf Experience), and then the volunteers actions took place to install a brand new 9-Hole disc golf course for the students of Cedar Park Middle School.

This past weekend, disc golf professionals Jay and Des Reading once again embraced their stewardship role for the non-profit group EDGE and coordinated a small group of the volunteers from the Central Texas community to get a 9-hole course installed and set up in one day on the grounds of the Cedar Park Middle School. At the end of the day, the actual baskets were not in the ground yet since the concrete needed to firm up and dry completely, but the hardware was there and ready.

The course is a simple layout benefiting the space that was allowed on the school grounds and it included the local terrain features like trees and small elevation changes. It is a great challenge for those kids just learning the sport, a good practice for those who have played before, and another great incentive and tool for teachers to use for the benefit of a healthy active student lifestyle.
As we all know, the things you learn in school will carry with you for the rest of your life, let’s look forward to those lessons being carried in a disc golf bag!

A big “Thank You” goes out to all the volunteers  that helped with the work day and the biggest “thank you” goes to EDGE for helping make it happen for the kids.

Please support the EDGE program whenever you can. Jay and Des are two of the many professionals that help spread the great things this organization does. Please look them up on the web at: http://www.edgediscgolf.org/ and read more about them to learn how great they are. If you get the opportunity to donate or sponsor them at an event, please do so, your support will travel beyond measure and will be in the disc bags for many generations to come .

Disc golf is a “lifetime” sport. When you have organizations like EDGE placing courses and a disc golf curriculum in schools for kids around the country, it is a healthy sport for the kids that will stay with them for their lifetime.

Remember to always Play It Forward.

Disc Golf Professional Jay Reading measures twice and marks once to ensure the beam will be cut correctly for installation]

[Disc Golf Professional Des Reading observes the orientation of the basket foundation as the 2nd tier is measured for installation]

[Smoking chain saws are the sign that the treated timbers were hard to cut. This timber would help make the 2nd tier foundation]

[Volunteers fill tube forms with concrete that will hold the basket base/mount installation]
[pictured (left to right): Efrain Salazar. Garin Wootton, Jay Reading, Fishead Tim]

[Many hands make light work… and some machinery helps as well, when creating a new basket location.]

[Final installation is completed (minus the actual basket). The picture appears to not be level since the ground is sloped (its deceptive), but the basket location is (trust me we triple checked all installs)]


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Disc Golfer, Blogger, Writer, Photographer, Foodie, Blessed... We don't stop playing because we get old; We get old because we stop playing.... Troy is a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association who currently lives in Austin, TX. He is a Board Member of the Austin-based Waterloo Disc Golf Club, has been playing disc golf over 14 years competitively and non-competitively, in local and national events. He has been published in Disc Golfer magazine and Yahoo News.He volunteers regularly to promote disc golf, clean parks and help build new ones. It is his simple motto to "Play It Forward"... after all, you can never frown when you play Frisbee or throw a Disc.
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