What. Am.. I… Doing?

 That is a statement I have posed to myself many times during this project: “DiscTroy.” I keep asking myself and yet it seems that I keep coming back to it for the love of a sport, disc golf.

 My project of DiscTroy is not the starting point as a dominate global influence, an amazing brand, or launching point for a marketing campaign. It is to be a simple blog that I desire for it to grow to these levels locally in Central Texas and to all the parts connected in our region.

 I started DiscTroy many years ago, like many ideas, around Austin while listening to people talk about the needs in disc golf as I played. I was new to the area and I learned the needs from you, the reader and the player. Through social media and my activities as a player, promoter, and photographer of disc golf I was moved to put my ideas and my skills to the test and make something that others needed and would enjoy.

 For this blog, I am all self-taught. I have a set of basic skills and understanding of how things work. I have connections, friends, and experience with writing articles for others, but not for myself. My principal focus is to have a one stop web-shop for you to browse and get the disc golf information you desire.

 I want to bring a new perspective and web presence to our great region and sport of disc golf. I want to highlight all of the great things that disc golfers do for their community. I also want to be the champion for the “little guy” and that person you see around the events all the time, but yet you really never knew that, without them, things would be very different for our sport in Central Texas. People like this make a great impact and I think they should be known.

 Additionally, for this blog I want it to be a local source of information that anyone can come to and find out what they need to know. I want to work with you and spread that relationship into these pages so that we can all help each other.

 Central Texas, and Austin specifically, has the MOST concentrated and diverse amount of disc golfers and disc golf courses in the state. The area easily boasts the most pervasive influence in every realm of this great city. We have a spectrum of players that range from architects to animal rescue volunteers, we have politicians and stay at home parents, we have tech industry leaders and we have the out of town tourist. Overall, we are spoiled with our diversity and this is what makes our sport so special in this city.

 Disc golf is that invisible thread and kinship of spirit that connects us all. Smile on that for a moment, because we all know it is true.

 With that great moment of reflection on our sport, please spend a moment to look around the blog. It is a place that I want you to feel comfortable and know that you can come here for the things you need. It is also a place that I would like for you to come here and provide input on. It is always under development and it is always looking for improvement to suit your needs.

 Are you looking for a place to post about your event or you just don’t “do social media” things like Facebook or Google+. Well come here and post about it.

 Are you looking for a consolidated calendar to of events and information so you can find a place to play a round with others? You can find it here.

 Are you simply new to the area or in for the weekend and want to meet up with other players? Let my blog be your “2 minute warning” before you start your round.

 Lastly, are you simply new to the sport and you  feel intimidated by the jargon, the players, and the overwhelming amount of information out there? Well, click around the blog and read with confidence so the next time you are on the course you can focus on your game and not just trying to “fit in.”

 Still I say to myself,  “What. Am.. I… Doing?” and I must answer.

 I am jumping out there with both feet into the world of keyboard critics for you. I am in the best hope that I am making our sport grow, for you. I am in the bonds and spirit to connect our diverse community, for you.

 With my passion, talents, and this blog  I hope to always “Play It Forward” for another day while always being mindful that you are the reason our sport is so great in Austin.

 May your drives be long, your discs stay in the fairway, and your putts hit solid under par. Thank you for your support and please, help me out the next time you hear me say “What. Am.. I… Doing?”


About disctroy

Disc Golfer, Blogger, Writer, Photographer, Foodie, Blessed... We don't stop playing because we get old; We get old because we stop playing.... Troy is a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association who currently lives in Austin, TX. He is a Board Member of the Austin-based Waterloo Disc Golf Club, has been playing disc golf over 14 years competitively and non-competitively, in local and national events. He has been published in Disc Golfer magazine and Yahoo News.He volunteers regularly to promote disc golf, clean parks and help build new ones. It is his simple motto to "Play It Forward"... after all, you can never frown when you play Frisbee or throw a Disc.
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